A New Adventure

So, yesterday was my first day at Rubrik and I couldn’t be more excited.  I had a great 4 1/2 years at IVOXY in the VAR (value-added reseller, for those of you wondering) space, but figured it was time to go back to an IT vendor.  I couldn’t be more happy so far with the company and the team I’m working with.

If you’re not familiar, Rubrik was founded to look at backup in a different way.  We don’t require difficult installation, or complex policies, or even a full-time backup admin.  With an appliance model, and simple configuration, we can be up and protecting an environment in under an hour.  Let’s see any of the traditional software on hardware options do that!

Anyways, if you want more information about Rubrik and what we do, you can find really good info on our website. Cheers!

Don’t backup, go forward!