Learning Python, Part 2

So, I’ve decided to switch gears in my Python journey and take a more academic approach.  To that end, I enrolled in the excellent edX program and I’m taking MIT’s 6.00.1x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python (https://courses.edx.org/courses/course-v1:MITx+6.00.1x_11+1T2017/info).  We’re on week 2 and it’s been a great way to learn programming and eventually Python.  They take a more computer science approach, teaching you how to think like  a programmer rather than just typing in stuff.  As you can imagine, being an MIT course, it’s pretty challenging already.  The first problem set used a lot of logic and required us to think about what was actually going on in the program.

I’d highly recommend edX as a way to enhance your professional knowledge, or just pursue something you’ve always liked and want to know more about it. You can take the courses for free, or pay for a verified certificate.  I’m considering the certificate, as I think an MIT course could be a good thing to put on my resume!